Support Crew

Anyone can participate in Love in Motion!

Love in Motion was greatly impacted by the support of dozens of people along the way. Christ centred hospitality was demonstrated by churches, families and individuals across our nation. Participants experienced warm welcome, fellowship, meals, overnight accommodations, words of encouragement and prayer. These were timely blessings, building unity within the church and affecting the lives of the riders that benefited the tour but made a national impact to the overall cause of the tour.

We covet your help and support for Love in Motion 2016.


Support needed before the tour:



Ambassadors of Love in Motion in your local community

  • Church callers – people to call each church to encourage the church to get involved through promotion and support

Corporate Sponsorship

  • Provide GIK (gift in kinds) i.e. trucks (to hold gear and food), supplies and equipment (email for more info).
  • Provide funds to offset the cost of the tour (in exchange for company recognition through our communication/promotion)


  • Packing for the tour


Support needed during the tour:


  • Drivers (for the gear and food truck – G licence) – drive, take responsibility for the vehicle, oversee loading and unloading of the gear…
  • SAG drivers (Support and Gear) – people who provide their own vehicles to stop every 25km down the road and provide refreshments, encouragement, shade and a lift to a weary cyclist
  • Cooks – shopping, organizing, and managing food, feed riders…
  • Arrow painters - go ahead of the cyclists and spray paint directional arrows at every turn on the road to guide the cyclists along the route

Photographers and videographers


After the tour:


  • Unpacking, general cleaning… 


Email Ed Witvoet – Tour Manager – if interested in helping out.