Love in Motion 2015 Weekend Rides

Several weekend rides were organized for Love In Motion 2015. These rides brought cyclists and bikers together for the weekend. Though the weather was wet and cold, Love in Motion stories warmed us thoroughly. Guest speakers from the projects we were fund raising for brought life and passion to Love In Motion. 

2015 Projects:

Encompass Partnerships - The Gospel for a Medley of Subcultures, Calgary, AB

Millbourne Community Centre, Edmonton, AB

The Manor Ministry, Guelph, ON


Love in Motion 2014 was an Amazing Ride!

Riders had an excellent experience and thoroughly enjoyed Love in Motion whether they rode for one week or for all nine weeks! We couldn't have done it without all of our volunteers who gave of their time and their talents to drive vans, cook and serve food, paint directions on the road, etc. And of course, we couldn't have raised all of the funds for the marginalized across the country if it weren't for our generous donors! Thank you to each one who gave so generously to support the Love in Motion projects.  


Riders were blessed as they enjoyed the fellowship of other riders during lunch and dinner breaks and through new friends they made as churches served dinners and breakfasts and provided places to sleep along the ride. It was a real time of building community! People were passionate about the cause, and though many feel helpless when they see people in desperate situations, this was something tangible that they could do to help.


Ed Witvoet, Logistics Coordinator for the ride said, "The best part has been the unity, with new relationships that have developed as a result of cyclist and support crew joining the cyclists and being hosted at various Alliance churches and other Christian churches. We were able to build a real connection with these churches (from English to Chinese to Korean to Filipino) for hosting options (sleeping in the church, being fed by them), which became a real blessing to the tour."


2014 Projects:

Ruth and Naomi's Mission - Hope for the Homeless, Chilliwack, BC

The Second Mile - Hot Soup and a Healing Home, Vernon, BC

Encompass Partnerships - The Gospel for a Medley of Subcultures, Calgary, AB

Millbourne Community Centre, Edmonton, AB

The Gospel Transforming "the worst neighbourhood in Canada", Regina, SK

Vibrant Life in Rural Manitoba, Portage la Prairie, MB

Lightpoints at Jane and Finch - Reaching Out to Jane and Finch, Toronto, ON

Welcoming Newcomers, Toronto, ON

Roxy Coffee - A Gathering Place, Bolton, ON

Hope for a New Generation, Montreal, QC

Niger, Africa