Motorcycle FAQ

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Q: Why is the registration fee and fundraising goal high?


A: Love in Motion is a self-sustaining ministry with administration costs (salaries for the bicycle and motorbike tour managers and communication/promotional and travel costs) and tour expenses (overnight accommodations, meals, support vehicles, fuel…). There is a lot of work going on behind the scenes designing, planning, managing and implementing these bicycle and motorbike tours. These costs are standard to any organization when it comes to planning events such as this.


The registration fee and a portion of the fundraising amount covers the tour and administration expenses. It is the goal of Love in Motion that 70% of the fundraising amount go towards the projects. This is all based on full registration and each participant raising the minimum fundraising goal. This is in line with industry standards for an event of this nature.


Money raised on each tour will go towards the projects within that province (I.e. money raised in BC will go towards the BC projects – see here for the projects for each province.)


Q: What kind of motorcycle tour is this? 

A: This is a church supported motorcycle tour. Participants will be billeted, sleep indoors on the floor of a church or sleep in hotel if churches are not available.  Love in Motion also has a bicycle option that follows a different route and schedule.


All bicycle and motorcycle participants will meet at the same location for the first day for orientation and send off rally as well as the last day where we will all meet again to share our week’s experience. Apart from that, the cyclists will follow their own route each day and the motorcyclists will follow their own route with each staying at different overnight locations between the first and last day.


Q: What about the route?

A: Every effort is made to design the routes to accommodate the beauty of our surroundings, balanced with the varied skill levels of the group. The route is designed to pass by as many Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) churches/ministry as possible for meet/greet and to share what Love in Motion is about.


Q: How many kilometers will we ride each day? 

A: The distance varies from day to day but expect to average 400 kilometers per day. The Vancouver Island route has fewer daily kilometers while the Alberta and Ontario rides will possibly have one longer day per week. 


Q: What size of motorcycle will I need?

A. You will need a motorbike that is large enough for highway speeds, and that you are able to handle. Make sure all routine maintenance is complete and your bike is road worthy.


Q: How often will we stop for fuel?

A. Fuel stops will happen as a group approximately every few hours or as required by the bikes in each group. Individuals are responsible for their fuel costs


Q: What about motorcycle safety? 

A.  Safety on the road is of utmost importance.  We will be riding in staggered formation of no more than 5 riders, following the provincial laws for motorbike group riding.  Please be familiar with Group riding safety.


Click here: Group riding safety


Q: What do I bring on the tour?

A: You are required to bring your personal gear plus all personal effects. There could possibly be one or two nights of sleeping on the church floor so bring a bedroll and sleeping bag.

Download the packing list: The List


Q: What kind of support will there be on the tour? 

A: The motorcycle support vehicle will be a Gold Wing. Bruce Poelzer will bring basic tools, extra fuel and mechanical support for each ride. We also have support from local churches along the way (accommodations, meals…) support from the Tour Manager & Tour Director, as well as support from each other.


Q: Are meals provided?

A: All meals will be supplied by the tour with most of the meals coming from host churches (suppers and breakfasts). Lunches will happen along the road. We understand some people have dietary restrictions and we will make an effort to meet those needs but we can’t guarantee this. Please note on registration form.  Also note that additional snacks and munchies are not provided.


Q: What if I sleep with CPAP?

A: There should be electrical outlets at each overnight stay to plug in a CPAP.


Q: Will there be Wi-Fi each night?

A: We will attempt to arrange for Wi-Fi at each overnight stay.


Q: What will happen on the first day?

A: Upon arrival, all participants (motorcyclists and cyclists) will need to “check in” at the registration desk to receive your free LIM shirt, schedule and other information. Following this there will be an orientation session and opening “sendoff” rally from the host church. The following day, the motorcyclists and cyclists will head off on their routes for the rest of the week and all will meet again on the last day for an ending rally.


Q: What does a typical day look like?

A: Each morning we will gather for breakfast and a short devotional & orientation of the day. We will be divided into groups of 5 (see rider safety) with a knowledgeable leader and sweep. We will then enjoy the ride, company and people along the way. Share with those you meet what you are doing and what Love in Motion is about.


Q: How much money do I need to raise? 

A: We are asking each rider to raise a minimum of $2000 in donations per week in addition to paying the registration fee of $500. These donations are tax-receiptable in line with the Canada Revenue Agency guidelines. Click here for fund raising tips.  

Download Fundraising Tips


Q: Can we raise money as a group? 

A: Yes, sign up your group of riders as a team in the fundraising section. Many people like this idea because they can share the fundraising load between people. As a group, you can go beyond simply soliciting donations and host events such as a dessert night or coffee house, a garage sale, car washes, BBQs, concerts… and more. The sky is the limit when you join with a team!  


Q: Is there transportation provided before and after the tour? 

A: It is your responsibility to get yourself to the start of the tour and home again from the end location.


Q: How do people sponsor me? 

A: Once you are registered, people can find your name on the Love in Motion website and sponsor directly through the website. They can also mail in a cheque and pledge form. 

Note: Cheques (checks) may be made payable to: “C&MA – Love in Motion”.


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