Fundraising Tips

Congratulations for signing up for Love in Motion! For most of us, the fundraising part causes the most anxiety. However, confidently know that your efforts will bring hope to many individuals across Canada. Raising funds and awareness allows you the privilege of inviting your friends and family to join you in bringing hope to the hurting and vulnerable. In essence, you are offering others the opportunity to be on mission—their role is invaluable.

Getting Started

Events like Love in Motion have become widely accepted by people in North America over the last 20 years. Every year, family members and friends support each other in events like Love in Motion, so don’t be shy about asking those you share your life with to support you in a cause you believe in. It is important to have a firm understanding of the cause. Being able to articulate in 60 – 90 seconds what LIM is about will be important.

Go Online

While LIM website offers many fundraising tools, the most important one is the link to the two projects you are representing for 2016. Craft a brief snapshot that aligns with your personality. Also make sure you have registered for the monthly newsletter which will have new Fundraising Tips & Stories. Find out what others are doing, and share your story with


During registration, you are asked to set up an online profile. Your registration e-mail also includes a link to your profile. Take a moment to log in and familiarize yourself with it; customize it with your own pictures and stories, and tell people why Love in Motion is meaningful to you. A personalized page is more effective in turning a potential donor into a die-hard supporter.

Link your Love in Motion profile directly to social media like your Facebook page and Twitter feed. It is one of the best ways to reach out to friends and family for support. For a quick tutorial on how to set up your profile, follow this link. 

Also on your profile is a thermometer that will reflect your fundraising progress. Invite your donors to stay up-to-date on our program information by following the Love in Motion Facebook page.

Make it Personal

While your friends and family may understand event-based donation, they still want you to make it personal for them. This can be through e-mail, a letter, on the phone, or over coffee. Just remember that it has to be directed to the specific person you are asking to partner with you. Our online system will help you personalize emails and send your friends a link so they can donate right away.

Fundraising the Old-Fashioned Way

Not everyone is comfortable with sending money from their computers. Some people don't have access to computers, while others prefer to give you cash or write a cheque. Then there are those who make donations at the spur of the moment. Be sure to have your pledge sheets and ride information handy at all times. A Fundraising package will be sent to you upon registration.

Set an Example: It Starts with You

Show your sponsors that you believe in the cause with your own hard-earned money. You are asking them to give so show them you are willing to give too. Don’t give anonymously. It helps when people see first-hand that you care about this, so set the tone for all your supporters and give generously. It will do your heart good and encourage your donors.

Ask Early, Ask Often

Don’t wait to be in the mood to ask people for money. That mood isn’t likely going to strike you anytime soon. Begin now! Identify 30-40 potential donors that you want to ask, and send a test email to yourself to be sure everything looks and sounds good. Remember, no reply does not necessarily mean “no.” Your contacts may be just as busy as you are, so remind them every now and then. An indirect way to do this is to post regular updates about your fundraising and training on social media.


Thank Your Donors

Check your online profile and call/email people who have supported you to thank them right away.



Sample Fundraising Letter