Love in Motion Bios


Ed Witvoet’s Bio:


A little about me, I am an avid cyclists and a follower of Jesus Christ. I am a husband to Denise Neutel and father to my two children, Kyler and Jolene. My passion for cycling started as a child as I rode my bicycle around the block, commuted to school and explored on local trails. It was on a three week bicycle tour during my University years cycling from New Orleans to Key West Florida that cycling became a means to travel, see new sights, meet new people, learn and discover and push my physical abilities. A few years later helping out a Christian organization as a group leader on a spring break week long bicycle tour from Miami to Key West Florida that I experienced a spiritual awakening and gave my life to Jesus Christ. With my new found faith and my passion for cycling, I began participating on various tours in Vermont, Michigan, and Arizona and across Canada.

As I grew in my faith and experience in cycling long distances, I jumped off my career path to help my church denomination organize a celebratory occasion (100 years in Canada) with a bicycle tour across Canada called Sea to Sea. This lead to organizing two other cross country tours across Canada and the United States. I believe this is my ministry (and desire) to serve using my gifts in organizing, building and managing cycling tours with a Christian cause.

I believe that time spend on a bicycle on a week or longer tour, in the context of a Christian community, can have a profound spiritual effect on oneself. When you are trying to complete the days’ ride, your body is working hard, you are sharing the road with fast moving vehicles and you let out a silent prayer for safety that you begin to reflect on deeper issues of life that a renewal can occur.

I also believe that riding your bicycle is an effective way to raise awareness and funds as you become a spoke person speaking into the needs for that cause. You demonstrate to people (and donors) that you are willing to give of your time and effort in something you believe in with something you enjoy doing to draw attention to a need.

Will you join me?


Linda Poelzer Bio


Over next few years my name and my voice will often be associated with Love In Motion, specifically Love In Motion and motorcycles! I just might become know as a Motorcycle Mama! Let me be the first one to say that this is the coolest thing ever! And as Motorcycle Tour Manager for LIM, allow me to introduce myself.

Bruce and I live in Edmonton, Alberta. We just celebrated 39 years of marriage and have the most amazing family including 11 grandchildren. In a few weeks our walls will swell to embrace all 20 of us as we celebrate Christmas. And yes, everyone will be sleeping over: Pajama party extraordinaire.

God has gifted me with spiritual gifts of leadership, teaching and evangelism. Within that realm he has opened many doors for externally focused ministries, often steeped in justice and compassion. More times than not, a compassionate heartbeat for humanity is the common ground that sparks many spiritually significant conversations. I have asked God for a burden for the lost, the broken, the downtrodden and the vulnerable. He, of course, has graciously responded!

Other random uniquely me things: I love challenges! Throw in some risk and adventure and I am all over it! I am addicted to Crossfit and bacon! I am a planner—of things that are challenging! You know, the kind of challenge that calls me to be flat on my face before the LORD. I love studying—especially the God’s Word. I depend heavily on practicing Spiritual Disciplines. My fleshly nature cannot be trusted. I have learned to seek the LORD first in all things. While it may appear that I do a ton of crazy things, I know for certain that God has brought me to each one of them.

This brings me to motorcycles! God’s idea—not mine! In my mind, I was born to run and ride a bicycle; motorcycles were never part of the equation. However, God started a crazy story in my life through RIDE 2012 and LIM 2014 saturating my life with motorcycles! There is not space for those God stories here but I hope to share them with you sometime on the road in 2016 and 2017.