Bicycle FAQ

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Q: Why is the registration fee and fundraising goal high?

A: Love in Motion is a self-sustaining ministry with administration costs (salaries for the bicycle and motorbike tour managers and communication/promotional and travel costs) and tour expenses (overnight accommodations, meals, support vehicles, fuel…). There is a lot of work going on behind the scenes designing, planning, managing and implementing these bicycle and motorbike tours. These costs are standard to any organization when it comes to planning events such as this.


The registration fee and a portion of the fundraising amount covers the tour and administration expenses. It is the goal of Love in Motion that 70% of the fundraising amount go towards the projects. This is all based on full registration and each participant raising the minimum fundraising goal. This is in line with industry standards for an event of this nature.


Money raised on each tour will go towards the projects within that province (I.e. money raised in BC will go towards the BC projects – see here for the projects for each province.)


Q: What kind of bicycle tour is this? 

A: This is a vehicle-supported no frills bicycle tour. Cyclists will sleep indoors on the floor in a large room in a church or school each night although there may be an option to set a tent outside (pending approval). Please note that any other sleeping arrangement (in a hotel, family/friends…) must be arranged by the participant. This is a basic tour with little luxury other than the generosity of the hosting church along the route.


A “gear” truck will carry all personal luggage to transport to the next destination. There will be support and gear vehicles (“SAG wagons”) to assist cyclists with emergency needs, mechanical break down and health issues along the route.


Love in Motion also has a motorcycle option that follows a different route and schedule. All bicycle and motorcycle participants will meet at the same location for the first day for orientation and send off rally as well as the last day where we will all meet again to share our week’s experience. Apart from that, the cyclists while follow their route each day and the motorbikers will follow their own route with each staying at different overnight locations between the first and last day.


Q: What about the route?

A: A safe, scenic and doable route will be planned with manageable riding distances for the average person physical abilities. If for whatever reason you can’t complete a day’s ride (sick, hurt...) you can always jump in the SAG wagon for a ride to the next destination. However, we do encourage everyone to cycle the full route each day.


The route is designed to pass by as many Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) churches/ministry as possible along the route for meet/greet, to share what Love in Motion is about as well as enjoying the scenery along the route.


This is not a race and there is plenty of time to get your ride in for the day with time for breaks, lunch, and sightseeing. Cyclists have the freedom to ride alone or in a small group but we advise against cycling alone (in the event of health or mechanical issues).


Q: How many kilometers’ will I need to cycle each day? 


A: The distance varies from day to day but expect to ride some days of up to 110km. The daily average will be around 95km.  We recommend that you prepare by riding as much as possible prior to joining the tour.  You should be able to average about 15km/hr. With minimal training and determination a person with average fitness can complete each days ride.


Q: I am not a ‘cyclist’ and I haven’t ridden in years. Can I still join? 

A: Anyone can ride a bike and you would be surprised with some training how far you can ride in a day. You’ll enjoy it more by preparing and training. With proper preparation and training, nearly everyone can meet this challenge. You’ll be surprised by what you can do. Your training should start about 12 weeks before the start of the tour. Remember to include varied terrain into your training rides.


We welcome disabled bodied participants to join us!


Q: How should I train for this ride?


A: Click here for the 12 week Bicycle training program


Q: What type of bicycle should I bring? 

A: Bring the bike you are most comfortable riding. The routes will follow paved roads (except for construction and unforeseen circumstances). It’s recommended you use a road bike. Hybrid bikes are also a good option. It is not recommended to bring a single speed bike without gears, as the varied terrain will make riding this type of bike difficult for 6-8 hours per day. 

If you are purchasing a bike, consult your local bike shop and let them know about your tour.


Note: Recumbent and Tandem bicycles are welcome. 


Q: What about bike safety? 

A: You should be comfortable riding on roads with traffic and riding with others. Bicycles are considered vehicles and are subject to the rules of the road. We encourage all participants to take a CAN BIKE 2 course prior to joining the tour. However, for those where no course is available in their area, we will do our best to teach you the basics on your arrival day of the tour.


Q: What do I need to take with me each day on the bike?

A: Cyclists take with them on their bike what they would need for the day (i.e. packed lunch, rain jacket, camera, etc.). It’s important that you have the necessary supplies to repair a flat tire (basic tool kit & extra tube & pump). 


Q: What do I bring on the tour?

A: You will need to bring your bicycle, tool kit, bike safety apparel (helmet, gloves, sunglasses, reflective rain jacket), sufficient clothing to stay warm,  bedroll and sleeping bag, a pair of strong legs, a healthy mental attitude and a willingness to be challenged physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  


Download the packing list: The List


Q: What kind of support will there be on the tour? 

A: There will be support vehicles to carry personal gear, support from local churches along the way (accommodations, meals…) support from the Tour Manager and support from each other.


Q: Is there transportation provided before and after the tour? 

A: It is your responsibility to get yourself to the start of the tour and home again from the end location. However, efforts will be made to arrange for shuttling of cyclists from the end for the tour back to the start point for the BC and Alberta tours. Depending on where the majority of cyclists are coming from on the Ontario tour, efforts will be made to arrange a shuttle to Windsor from a central location and back again from Midland at the end of the tour. However, these expenses will be pasted on to the cyclists. Efforts will also be made to arrange for cars to be parked at a central location during the duration of either of the tours.


Q: What age must I be to ride? Can I ride with my son or daughter?  

A: The majority of the cyclists will be in their 20s, 30s but the age varies. During Love in Motion 2014, we even had one cyclist in her mid-80s. Don’t let age hold you back!  


You must be at least 13 years old by the Love in Motion date in order to be a tour cyclist. If between the ages of 13 and 18, please note that you MUST have a guardian on the Love in Motion tour as a registered tour cyclist or tour crew member.  


Q: Are meals provided?

A: All meals will be supplied by the tour with most of the meals coming from host churches (suppers and breakfasts). You will need to pack a lunch (food supplied) for the day each morning. We understand some people have dietary restrictions and we will make an effort to meet those needs but we can’t guarantee this. You may need/want to bring along your own food (and cooler) to meet your dietary needs.


Q: What if I sleep with CPAP?

A: There should be electrical outlets at each overnight stay to plug in a CPAP.


Q: Will there be Wi-Fi each night?

A: We will attempt to arrange for Wi-Fi at each overnight stay.


Q: What will happen on the first day?

A: Upon arrival, all participants (motorbikers and cyclists) will need to “check in” at the registration desk to receive your free LIM shirt, schedule and other information. Following this there will be an orientation session and opening “sendoff” rally from the host church. The following day, the motorbikers and cyclists will head off on their routes for the rest of the week and all will meet again on the last day for an ending rally.


Q: What does a typical day look like?

A: After getting up, eating your breakfast, packing your gear on the “gear” truck, you can leave on your bike whenever you ready (usually between 7-8am) with whomever you want! Enjoy the ride, company and people along the way. Share with those you meet what you are doing and what Love in Motion is about. After arriving at the next destination (midafternoon – depending on speed and distance) you will get your gear from the truck, shower up, and wait for supper. After supper there will be a gathering time for everyone for devotions, share and hear about the next day’s ride (maps for the next day’s ride will distributed). The day’s pace and schedule is up to you with the exception of meal and gathering times. 


Q: How much money do I need to raise? 

A: We are asking each cyclist to raise a minimum of $2000 in donations per week in addition to paying the registration fee of $500. These donations are tax-receiptable in line with the Canada Revenue Agency guidelines.  


Click here for Fundraising tips


Q: Can we raise money as a group? 

A: Yes, sign up your group of cyclists as a team in the fundraising section. Many people like this idea because they can share the fundraising load between people. As a group, you can go beyond simply soliciting donations and host events such as a dessert night or coffee house, a garage sale, car washes, BBQs, concerts… and more. The sky is the limit when you join with a team!  


Q: How do people sponsor me? 

A: Once you are registered, people can find your name on the Love in Motion website and sponsor directly through the website. They can also mail in a cheque and pledge form.  


Note: Cheques (checks) may be made payable to: “C&MA – Love in Motion”.


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